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Real Estate Buying Decisions – Women Make Up Their Minds Faster Than Men!

A recent survey of 1,000 people conducted by International Communications Research, delved into the inner-psyche of men and women, asking questions such as “How long did it take for you to know that the last home you purchased was right for you?” and   “If you found the home of your dreams but had concerns about its security, would you still be interested?”

It uncovered some of the inherent differences between men and women and pinpointed a number of ways that the two genders are actually the same. For example, both men and women are increasingly concerned with having a space to work in their homes – something that would not have mattered 40 years ago. Feeling insecure about a home’s safety is a deal-breaker, regardless of gender.

Key highlights:

  • Women may be inclined to make up their mind more quickly than men! When asked how long it took before they knew that the home was “right” for them, almost 70 percent of women had made up their mind the day they walked into the house versus 62 percent of men. Conversely, significantly more men needed two or more visits: (32 percent of men vs. 23 percent of women).
  • Women would rather live closer to their extended family than to their job. 55 percent of women find it more important to be closer to their extended family (those that do not live in their household) than to their job, compared to only 37 percent of men.
  • A home’s security is a deal-breaker for both men and women. 64% of women and 51% of men said that if they found the home of their dreams but had concerns about its security, they would no longer be interested.
  • Men and women agree on how they would use a spare room, for the most part. When asked how they would use an extra 12 x 12 room if it could be anything they wanted, men and women agreed on the top three most popular, and very practical, responses:
  • Bedroom: 25 percent
  • Office/Study: 15 percent
  • Family Room / Den: 11 percent
  • However, men really do want a “Man Cave”. Of the 8% who indicated they would turn that spare room into an entertainment centre, it was a preponderance of men leading the charge.  In fact, four times as many men as women said they would use the extra space for recreation / entertainment.
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