Power Outage Timely Tips

This Consumer Reports article on “How to Survive a Prolonged Power Outage” is a good read. Based on current events, it’s also timely. https://www.consumerreports.org/home-safety/how-to-survive-a-prolonged-power-outage/

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Prolong the Life of Your Front Load Washer

TIPS COURTESY OF CASCADE APPLIANCE SERVICE LTD. 905-469-0068 Don’t use soap pods. Use only 1-2 tbsp of soap per load. If clothes are very dirty, do not add more soap. Add Borax to the load instead. Only fill the tub halfway up the glass with dry clothes. Don’t overload. Make sure to balance your loads. […]

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The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation – Helping Canadians Reduce their Basement Flood Risk

Intense rainfall events combined with aging municipal infrastructure, increased urbanization and a lack of flood protection measures at the household level have resulted in losses in billions of dollars for Canada’s insurance companies, governments, homeowners, landlords and tenants over the past decade. The Intact Centre has developed a variety of resources to help Canadians take […]

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How Long Should A Hot Water Tank Last?

We thought readers might find this useful. To help homeowners, Appleby Systems has put together a handy list of 4 signs identifying when it may be time to replace their hot water tank. How Long Should A Water Tank Last?  

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Legalization of Cannabis and Its Possible Impact on Real Estate

As we approach the legalization of home cannabis cultivation and recreational use, there are many questions around the impact that it may have on the real estate market. Concerns revolve around the influence it could potentially have on property values. Most mortgage companies were unwilling to insure homes that were formerly used as cannabis grow operations. […]

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Did You Know?

A cloudy day is the best time to clean your windows. Why? Because the sun is not strong enough to dry the cleanser before you’re done wiping off the window. To prevent stains on granite counters, be sure to get them sealed before they’re installed and one year following installation. You will know if they’ve […]

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